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A residence's surroundings can make a big difference with the overall appearance of a property. Investing in proper landscaping is one of the best ways not only to improve the exterior aesthetics of a home, but to add untapped value and equity to the property. Landscaping projects can range from small improvements and additions of elements in a yard, to larger scale projects, pools, outdoor kitchens, and new construction.

Paying for landscape projects out of pocket is not always the desired course of action. Green Land Co. is proud to present various financing options to our clients in La Jolla, California.

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Our Three Step Process
1. Consultation

Your landscape consultation will guide you in discovering what your landscape requires and can be arranged to accommodate your schedule on weekdays or weekends.

The consultation includes a basic site analysis, photo documentation and a complete evaluation of the area in question. We will show you a rough design plan and provide an estimate including all the components that were discussed and agreed upon during the consultation.

2. Design

Landscape concept plans are narrowly tailored to create landscape styles that best suit your taste, lifestyle and the unique architectural elements of your property.

3. Installation

Following the design phase, we then build and install designs created not only by our own innovative designs, but also those brought to us by our clients from outside vendors and landscape architects. Many of our clients even submit their own ideas and suggestions, which we are always happy to help implement. In every case, we seek out materials and specimen plants of the highest quality and install them under the careful supervision of qualified members of our installation team.

About La Jolla, CA

La Jolla is a hilly, seaside special community within San Diego, occupying 7 miles (11 km) of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The population reported in the 2010 census was 46,781. La Jolla is surrounded on three sides by ocean bluffs and beaches[4] and is located 12 miles (19 km) north of downtown San Diego. There are some 16 communities in La Jolla. The climate is mild, with an average daily temperature of 70.5 °F (21.4 °C). This makes it an ideal location to enjoy outdoor spaces, entertain, or having a pool or other water feature. La Jolla is home to many educational institutions and a variety of businesses in the areas of lodging, dining, shopping, software, finance, real estate, bioengineering, medical practice and scientific research.[4][9][10] The University of California, San Diego (UCSD), is located in La Jolla, as are the Salk Institute, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (part of UCSD), Scripps Research Institute, and the headquarters of National University (though its academic campuses are elsewhere).

The community's border starts at Pacific Beach to the south and extends along the Pacific Ocean shoreline north to include Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve ending at Del Mar, California. La Jolla encompasses the neighborhoods[40] of Bird Rock, Windansea Beach, the commercial center known as the Village of La Jolla, Muirlands, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Farms, Torrey Pines, and Mount Soledad to name a few.

La Jolla is known to home a countless variety of wildlife, including seals, dolphins, green sea turtles, fish, birds, and various marine animals. Many of the aquatic animals belong to an extensive kelp forest off the coast, where scuba divers look to explore and encounter. Throughout the year, especially the summertime, pods of dolphins can be seen playing in the water, sometimes being observed surfing the waves alongside surfers. Seals can also be seen and heard from the beaches year-round.

La Jolla is an area of mixed geology, including sandy beaches and rocky shorelines. Given the hills and topology, La Jolla is an ideal location for zero-edge, infinity pools.

La Jolla, CA Landscaping and Pool Regulations

La Jolla is governed by the City of San Diego code and regulations for pools and landscaping. San Diego, like many other cities in California, has put into place building codes and regulations regarding water efficient landscaping. As a Carlsbad-based landscape and pool contractor, Green Land Co. is familiar with these rules and regulations and always meet and/or exceed these requirements. We are proud to work with the La Jolla clients in creating water efficient landscaping projects.

La Jolla's water efficient landscaping regulations are set forth in the San Diego County Code of Regulatory Ordinances, specifically Title 8, Division 6, Chapter 7 of the San Diego County Code of Regulatory Ordinances Relating to Water Conservation in Landscaping. The Del Mar Municipal code requires water efficiency.

Specifically, the code requires the following:

Compliance with Model Water Efficient Landscape Regulations (MWELO).

Compliance with Water Conservation requirements under Section §142.0413 of the San Diego Municipal Code.

Brush Management Zone Width Requirements

La Jolla has stringent pool standards that we are very familiar with. Green Land Co. has built numerous pools over the years in Del Mar, and we are familiar with the permitting and design requirements of this beautiful beach city.

To assure public safety, the construction, installation, or maintenance of all swimming pools or outside water bodies shall be subject to the limitations and regulations set forth herein.

Some of these requirements, per the San Diego Municiapal Code, includes the following requirements:

A private pool is any constructed pool, permanent or portable, which is intended for non-commercial use as a swimming pool by not more than three owner families and their guests. The provisions of this bulletin apply to private swimming pools, spas and hot tubs serving single-family homes or duplexes classified as Group R, Division 3 Occupancies. All private swimming pools should comply with this bulletin along with requirements specified in Section 3109 of the California Building Code (CBC), Chapter 14, Article 5, Division 31 of San Diego Municipal Code (SDMC), the California Swimming Pool Safety Act and the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code.

The City of San Diego Development Services Department has established master plans for certain pool designs in order to expedite the review of standard pools. For information concerning how to establish a master plan for miscellaneous structures such as pools, refer to Information Bulletin 114a. The following sections describe the requirements and limitations for submitting a Master Plan or a Custom Pool.

A swimming pool, spa or hot tub may be permitted and constructed utilizing a City preapproved and established master plan. The applicant must submit the pre-approved master plans, details and specifications with the site plan and architectural plans (sections and elevations) necessary for a building permit. When considering submitting a master plan pool, the following criteria must be met:

1. Height of the soil retained behind the pool wall shall not exceed six (6) feet. This height is measured from the bottom of the pool to top of the adjacent grade. The height of the bond beam added on top of the wall of the pool shall be added to the depth of the pool to determine the overall height of the soil being retained.

2. The scope of work on the cover sheet shall state use of the City–approved master plan and the project number for the master plan.

3. The site plan and all sheets of drawings, specifications, and details shall bear the approval registration stamp and signature of the California registered Civil or Structural Engineer or licensed architect of record.

4. The proposed pool/spa shall be site specific and clearly identify and reference the details and pool depths being constructed on all sides. All details and tables or portions of tables not used for the proposed pool shall be crossed-out and marked ‘Omit’.

5. The pool must be constructed to the exact specifications stated in the approved and established master plan. Any pool submitted as a master plan pool where the design deviates from the approved master plan will be considered a custom pool.

6. The project site conditions where the proposed swimming pool is located shall be consistent with the specifications stated in the master plan. For example, horizontal set -back dimensions, distance to daylight, distance from adjacent structures and soils characteristics/properties shall comply with the specifications noted on the approved master plans.

7. Master plan pools shall be installed in native soils. If, during construction, the soil is determined to be expansive or fill material, a Geotechnical Investigation Report is required to be submitted as a construction change. Such report shall be prepared by a California registered Geotechnical Engineer. Refer to Section II in this bulletin for specific requirements.

8. The “Soils and Foundation” notes contained in Information Bulletin 191, Single-Family Dwellings/Duplexes/Companion Units –Structural shall be added on plans.

A.Fence Required. Every person, firm or corporation in possession of land within the City of Del Mar, California, either as an owner, purchaser under contract, lessee, tenant, or licensee, upon which is situated a swimming pool or outside body of water having a depth of over 12 inches, shall maintain a protective fence, wall, enclosure or other effective barrier as required by the Uniform Building Code around said pool or outside body of water. The height of said fence(s), wall(s), enclosure(s) or other effective barrier shall be not less than five feet as measured on the exterior facade above the finished grate at any point, with no opening therein provided, however, that no such fence or wall shall be erected that affords ladder-like or step-like access. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to premises where a swimming pool is used or maintained and the premises are used for any hotel or motel consisting of ten or more units, where the owner or any employee thereof is on duty on such premises 24 hours each day.

B.Gates. All gates or doors opening through such fences, walls, or enclosures shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices designed to keep, or capable of keeping, such door or gate securely closed and latched at all times when not in actual use, provided, however, that the door of any dwelling that is forming any part of the enclosures hereinabove required need not be so equipped. Unlatching devices shall be located not less than four feet above the ground. Gates shall be kept securely closed and latched or attended at all times.

C.Existing Pools. All requirements of this Chapter shall apply to existing swimming pools and outside bodies of water. It shall be unlawful to maintain a swimming pool which is not fenced in accordance with the terms of this Chapter.

D.Conformity with Other Building and Zoning Regulations. Any fence or wall erected for the purpose of complying with this Chapter shall conform to all other zoning regulations of the City, provided further that no swimming pool shall be constructed where protective fencing required will be in conflict with other zoning regulations.E.Compliance for Final Approval. All plans for construction of swimming pools shall show compliance with the requirements of this Title. No water shall be placed in said pool, and final inspection and approval shall be withheld until all requirements are in compliance with this Title.


San Diego Pool Regulations - San Diego Information Bulletin

La Jolla Municipal Code (San Diego Municipal Code)

La Jolla Municipal Code Landscape Regulations

La Jolla Village Merchants Association

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