How can we serve your needs?


Vanishing Pools by Green Land Co. specializes in residential pool design and installation, individually tailored to increase the aesthetic appeal and overall enjoyment of your home. We specialize in custom designed and custom made vanishing edge pools, zero edge pools, infinity pools, pool and spa combos, spools, standalone spas, and other high-end water features. We also have the latest in eco-friendly pool solutions, such as zero chemical or saltwater pool solutions. And we seamlessly blend your beautiful pool with other landscape design elements.

You can take a look at our gallery of pool designs to see what we’ve accomplished for our clients and designs that give you an inspiration for your own project.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Consultation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Vanishing Edge Pools / Zero Edge Pools / Infinity Pools
  • Spools (Pool-Spa Combo for small yards)
  • Pool & Spa Combinations
  • Plaster and Pool Repair
  • Zero-Chemical and Saltwater Pools
  • Green, Eco-Friendly Pool Solutions
  • Hardscape & Masonry
  • Pool and Landscape Lighting
  • Focal Points
  • Custom & Unique Projects
  • Maintenance & Upkeep

Vanishing Edge Pools / Zero Edge Pools / Infinity Pools

Add instant value and wow-factor to your home with a Vanishing Pools custom designed and custom built pool. Whether you call it a vanishing pool, a zero edge pool or an infinity pool, nothing beats the stunning beauty of pool that blends seamlessly into the horizon. We survey your property to determine the perfect location for the pool and work with all new landscaping or with existing landscaping elements to custom build a pool to your liking. We can also add other water features, fountains, fire vases and different accents to further accentuate your pool. Your new vanishing pool will instantly be a star attraction for your home.

Spools – Pool/Spa Combos for Smaller Spaces

Whether you have a smaller yard or want a smaller footprint pool, a spool (pool/spa combo) may be the perfect solution. Spools add the natural beauty of a pool while leaving ample space for all your other landscaping elements, like a BBQ, fire pit, or outdoor seating.

Hardscape / Masonry

A beautiful pool is just one part of a comprehensive design element that can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary part of your home.  In addition to years of experience designing and building pools, we also have decades of experience working on hardscape and masonry elements that complement and surround your home and pool.   This includes custom concrete finishes, stonework, custom caps, columns, and other hardscaping elements.

Pool and Landscape Lighting


We have a number of lighting options for pools and landscaping to fit your needs.  These include low-voltage high-efficiency LED accent lights, path lights, and pool lights (including multicolor and changing pool lights).   We use the highest quality lights that are tested and designed to withstand all weather conditions. We design and build custom lighting projects that accent your overall landscape and pool design. 

Green, Eco-Friendly Pool Solutions

Vanishing Pools by Green Land Co. is proud to offer the latest green, eco-friendly pool solutions.  These include high-efficiency pool pumps, low-voltage LED lighting systems, salt-water and chemical free pool cleaning solutions, and the latest products on the market to create an environmentally friendly and safe pool design.